What is Lucky Luna Crypto? 

It is the proof of concept token for our LunaSwap exchange & it's ONLY available on LUNASWAP

What makes Lucky Luna Crypto different?

1.We have an Anti-bot system : 
We won’t have bots manipulating the price up and down. 
Every coin launching on our platform will also be bot free! 
If people with bots ever find a way to use bots, then those wallets will be blacklisted and they will lose their coins/money. And those coins/money will be burned!! 

2. Newbies don’t have to worry about  the slippage. We have it built-in to make it easy for everyone to buy. 

3. All the projects launched on our platform will be fully investigated! 
ID cards / video confirmation, full token investigation and more. 
So, you don't have to worry about rug pulls and scams when investing in new projects on our platform. It will be the safest launch platform out there! 

3. When the team needs to have money for marketing purposes , the team won't dump our coin!!!
I’ll explain : when people buy and sell our token , its automated that some money will be converted to BNB. And only the BnB will be sold for marketing purpose.


How do I buy Lucky Luna Crypto?

🚫We are not available on pancakeswap🚫

✅You can only buy LuckyLuna Tokens on Lunaswap✅
If you have MetaMask or other wallet set up, go to https://lunaswap.luckylunacrypto.com/
Click on Connect Wallet
Select BNB from the drop down menu & enter the amount you want to invest
Select LLT from the second drop down (currencies)
Click Swap
Here's a video to help you

How to buy With Trust Wallet
🚫We are not available on pancakeswap🚫

✅You can only buy LuckyLuna Tokens on Lunaswap✅
Note: No need to ask for Slippage and Contract Address
Slippage Built-In LunaSwap
Contract Address Built-in LunaSwap

1. Copy https://lunaswap.luckylunacrypto.com/
2. Paste in apps search bar in Trust Wallet and press enter or done
3. Connect wallet - Luna to Trust or Metamask
4. Switch the Ethereum network icon at top right to Binance Smart Chain
5. Your BNB will automatically show up
6. Select MAX or enter amount BNB you want to use
7. Select LLT for LuckyLuna 
8. Confirm

How To Add LuckyLuna LLT Token To Trust Wallet

If you still need to add the token to your trust wallet : 

This is the contract address: 0x54810d2E8D3a551C8a87390c4C18bB739C5B2063

You go to your dapps and click on “ add new token “ and enter the contract address. And the rest will be filled in automatically

Please See Video For Buying Tutorial https://youtu.be/vWa7rJJEKMI

I just tried to sell and the BNB hasn't shown up. What do I do?

Make sure you only use LunaSwap to sell. 
Lucky Luna Crypto is paired so when you sell it comes into your wallet as WBNB, it's easy to swap WBNB to BNB in LunaSwap

When will you list on PancakeSwap or other exchanges?

In short, Never!
We created our own exchange to protect our investors from bots and to be able to charge taxes in BNB
No other exchange offers investors this kind of protection, so we will not use any other exchange, ever.

When will you be listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko?

We have applied for both and it's not a fun process! You can review the requirements for CoinMarketCap here https://support.coinmarketcap.com/hc/en-us/articles/360043659351-Listings-Criteria and Coin Gecko here https://www.coingecko.com/en/listing_terms
Essentially, it will be a long time before we are listed on either, one requirement is to be listed on an exchange they recognize.
Because LunaSwap is the only exchange we will use and it's new, these sites just aren't for us, at this time.
If you want to help, tell us about projects you know that are looking for a safe place to launch.

What are the tokenomics, taxes, supply etc?

See Chart for current supply
Taxes are collected in BNB - the benefit of this is that the team doesn't have to sell tokens and tank the chart to use Marketing or Development Funds

Unique Anti-Bot mechanism - because we are only available on LunaSwap, bots can buy, but we are alerted. Those wallets get blacklisted immediately and the tokens they purchased are burned to add to liquidity. Basically, we honeypot the bots to benefit our investors

PositivePrice Pressure mechanisms - our liquidity will always be rising, and at a higher percentage than other tokens, taxes and liquidity are based on converted BNB.

Why can't I see my balance in TrustWallet?

Trust wallet is tied to CoinMarketCap. Please see CoinMarketCap answer.

Is the team doxxed? Where can I get more information about the team?

You can view our profiles on our website https://www.luckylunacrypto.com/team
You can also see videos on YouTube where the CEO - Brad and CTO - Diego discuss the project at length
And many more to come...

Are there plans to burn any tokens?

Why would we burn? We burned the bots $ in the beginning, but we have no need to burn.
We need to keep our tokens, our positive price pressure keeps the liquidity high without needing to burn.
Lucky Luna Crypto is to LunaSwap what Cake is to Pancake swap - if we burned, we run the risk of too little supply as we launch new tokens.

Do you plan on adding staking and farming?

It is not in our immediate roadmap, but we are actively looking into it and looking for partners in this area as well.

Why don't you offer reflections like so many other tokens have?

We view reflections as nothing more than a marketing gimmick. If you step back and take a good hard look at the math, they really only benefit the early investors. We found an interesting Medium article that helps to explain it in layman's terms. 
You can read it here: https://medium.com/coinmonks/are-reflection-tokens-just-a-gimmick-7c4eaa7cf5a7

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)